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Nicholas Hoult for Flaunt Magazine

Nicholas Hoult for Flaunt Magazine


For Hoult,Mr Wee had to cut his hair the shortest of all the other cast members to give it a sleek and neat style.

Speaking of the 1.9m Warm Bodies and Jack The Giant Slayer star,Mr Wee said, laughing:”His blue eyes were very captivating and he is very charming.”

"Nicholas is a warm and easy-going person who will make anyone immediately feel comfortable around  him."

As Hoult lives in London and Mr Wee owns a home there,they talked about their favourite places to visit and eat.

The haircut on the medium blond star with healthy and thick hair took about 40 minutes as it did not need colouring,Mr Wee described Hoult as polite and soft-spoken.

He said that because the haircut needed to be extremely short, Mr Wee had asked an assitant to hold Hoult’s ear to avoid accidentally grazing it with his scissors.He said that Hoult responded with a laugh and said:”My whole life,I’ve never had anyone to hold my ear for so long”

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